4 Smart Ways to Prep for Restaurant Health Inspections

December 28, 2015

In the restaurant business, preparation is the key to success. Ingredients get prepped in anticipation of peak hours. Staff is prepped to answer guest questions about menu items. And the restaurant itself should always be prepared for a health inspection.

Given that health inspectors typically arrive unannounced, it’s critical to maintain a high level of cleanliness and food safety at all times. Rather than occasionally performing rigorous “deep-cleans”, the easiest way to achieve this goal is to find small ways to work better habits into your daily tasks. 

1) Take a Tour

Managers naturally make the rounds in their establishment each day, performing a variety of tasks. Set the intention to multi-task and visually check for any issues occurring as you go. Take a step outside and enter the facility as a customer would- you’ll be surprised what might be revealed while viewing your establishment from the eyes of your guests.

2) Make a Mantra

Among the most important factors in passing a health inspection are frequent hand washing and proper temperature protocols for food. Consider placing signs as reminders in common spaces and work areas, as well as providing frequent verbal reminders to staff. Encouraging staff to monitor and remind each other of your “health mantras” can go a long way in establishing new habits. 

3) Train the Team

Never assume that everyone is aware of the health standards you expect them to keep. During every meeting with staff, take advantage of the opportunity to give everyone a “refresher course” on the protocols they need to be minding throughout their daily tasks.

4) Go Hands-Free

Hand washing is an extremely important component in restaurant cleanliness, but what happens when the tap you’re using to wash your hands is covered in harmful bacteria? Installing hands-free faucets is an excellent way to instantly improve your daily contamination risk. Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers are activated with a gentle touch of the foot or knee, meaning that hands contaminated with raw meat or dairy will never again come in contact with the faucet handle when washing.

Durable and cost-effective, Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers are the perfect solution for commercial kitchens. Originally developed for the Medical and Dental industries, Tapmaster®’s products have been designed for the purpose of increasing hygiene and sanitation in professional working environments. 

To learn more about how Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers can help your restaurant prepare for the next health inspection, reach out to our team or visit our online catalogue today!


What do you find is your biggest challenge in preparing for a health inspection?

4 Smart Ways to Prep for Restaurant Health Inspections

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