Tapmaster® Touchless Faucets: The Highest Standard of Clean for Commercial Kitchens

Tapmaster® Touchless Faucets: The Highest Standard of Clean for Commercial Kitchens

Keeping the kitchen clean and food-prep surfaces free from contamination is a crucial component in any restaurant’s success. Kitchen staff members need to be provided with the right tools to maintain the highest standard of clean- both to protect food from unclean hands, and to protect surfaces from bacteria spread from raw meat, fish, and dairy. Tapmaster®’s line of hands-free faucets provide a cost-effective and reliable way to ensure the maximum level of clean in any commercial kitchen environment.

Why Use Tapmaster®?
Sensor faucets present a host of issues in restaurant kitchen environments. Most importantly, sensor faucets require the user to wave wet hands in front of the faucet to activate water flow, creating a contamination hazard as water from unclean hands is sprayed onto nearby surfaces. Secondly, sensor faucets require the use of batteries or electricity, an additional cost and repair risk.

Unlike sensor faucets, Tapmaster®’s faucet controllers utilize existing water pressure in the lines to provide short bursts of water only as needed. Designed to be used with nearly any faucet and all standard plumbing systems, Tapmaster®’s faucet controllers are easy to install and require no ongoing maintenance or cleaning procedures, saving your business hundreds of dollars per faucet.

Save Water While Stopping Contamination
If you’re seeking a way to reduce water usage in your kitchen, Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers are the perfect solution. Activate water flow with the gentle tap of a foot or knee, and you’ll never again have to remind employees to turn off the tap while washing their hands or scrubbing dishes. Tapmaster® provides an easy way to save the environment while saving money on your monthly water bill.

Curious about the Tapmaster® product that would work best in your restaurant kitchen? Contact our team today at 1-800-791-8117 for more information.

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