Tapmaster® Touchless Faucets — Achieve Pristine Clean in Your Restroom

Tapmaster® Touchless Faucets — Achieve Pristine Clean in Your Restroom

You might assume that the dirtiest part of your restroom is the toilet, but many people are surprised to learn that the faucet handle is a much larger contamination concern. That’s right: When you’re reaching for the faucet to wash your hands- and touching it again to turn off the water- you may actually be adding new germs to your hands, rather than cleaning them away.

A Gentle Tap of the Foot or Knee
Utilizing existing water pressure in the lines, Tapmaster®’s line of faucet controllers allow the user to activate water flow with a simple tap of the foot or knee. Unlike sensor faucets, which require the user to wave wet hands in front of the faucet, spraying contaminated water onto nearby surfaces, the Tapmaster® provides a completely hands-free approach to hand washing. Tapmaster® makes it easy to save water, as flow is activated in short bursts and cannot be left running unless the user deliberately keeps the flow active.

Zero Operating Costs. Unparalleled Reliability.
Easy to install and made without the use of batteries or electricity, Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers are a reliable and cost-effective option for both residential and commercial restrooms. Designed to be used with nearly any faucet and all standard plumbing systems, Tapmaster®’s faucet controllers are easy to install and cost hundreds of dollars less than sensor or electronic touch faucets- both in up front and upkeep costs alike!

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet solutions provide an affordable and easy way to reduce contamination and increase customer satisfaction in your public restroom. For more information on our products, call our team today at 1-800-791-8117.

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