TapmasterĀ® Touchless Faucets: The Smart Choice for Dental Office Environments

TapmasterĀ® Touchless Faucets: The Smart Choice for Dental Office Environments

As a professional working in the dental industry, you understand the importance of clean hands and sterile surfaces in providing the highest standard of care to your patients. You wash your hands countless times a day to protect those around you from the spread of viruses and bacteria. But did you realize that your faucet handle is likely to be the single largest contamination risk in your office? Similarly, sensor faucets create additional contamination risks, as they often require the user to wave their wet hands to activate the faucet, spraying contaminated water onto nearby surfaces.

Tapmaster®'s Hygiene Advantage
Unlike traditional or sensor faucets, Tapmaster®’s line of hands-free faucet controllers are activated with a gentle tap of the foot or knee, leaving your hands free to thoroughly wash and properly dry. Originally developed for use in Dental and Medical environments, the Tapmaster® has been specifically engineered to address hygienic concerns and negate unnecessary contamination risks.

Budget-Friendly, Reliable, and Environmentally Responsible Tapmaster®’s faucet controllers are made with very few moving parts, and without the use of batteries. Activated utilizing existing water pressure in the lines, there is no operating cost associated with Tapmaster®’s revolutionary technology, and the Tapmaster®’s unparalleled reliability means you’ll never again have to worry about costly repairs. Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers are an easy way to encourage team members to use less water while still achieving the same high standard of cleanliness.

For more information on the Tapmaster® products that would work best in your dental office environment, call our team today at 1-800-791-8117.

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