The Foolproof Tool for Keeping Kids Clean

December 1, 2016

Parents know: Having small children can be a little bit like living inside a Petri dish. Runny noses, school germs, digging for worms in the garden… The list goes on and on. It’s no wonder that one of the most common phrases uttered by parents is, “Wash your hands!”

Once you convince your kids to wash up, you need to make sure that they turn the tap 

off. Little children who may not be tall enough to easily reach the tap can have trouble fully shutting off the water, incurring added cost and risk of overflow.

Thankfully, Tapmaster® offers a perfect solution. Curious? Here are 3 big reasons why Tapmaster® is the best hands-free faucet controller for your smallest family members:

1) Easy to Reach
Tapmaster®’s location at mid-cabinet or floor level is the perfect height for children of all ages. Made without those tricky sensors that can baffle and frustrate a child, Tapmaster® products simply turn on water flow when gentle pressure is applied to the activator.

2) No More Water Waste
After your child presses on the Tapmaster®, a short burst of water is activated using existing pressure in the water lines. The child can press the activator            as many times as needed, but the water flow will always shut off once the initial burst of water is finished, completely negating the risk of forgotten faucets left running.

3) Tapmaster® as a Teaching Tool
Teaching kids to wash their hands properly can be challenging. And although you may insist that they follow traditional methods like singing “Happy Birthday” to ensure the length of their scrub, it’s not an exact science. Tapmaster® makes that process easy- use the flow cycles as a measure of the proper length of time for hygienic hand washing! For instance: One push to wet the hands and scrub with soap, another push to thoroughly rinse. What could be easier than that?

Hygiene isn’t the only lesson one can glean from a Tapmaster®; our products are also a great way to introduce the concept of water conservation to your children. Opening a discussion about the importance of saving water, and the many reasons why plants and animals need water to survive is an excellent way to encourage responsibility and concern for the environment from an early age.

To learn more about Tapmaster®’s cost-effective products, take a look at our catalogue online or contact our team today.

Got a great tip for teaching proper hand-washing techniques to your kids? Share it in the comments!

The Foolproof Tool for Keeping Kids Clean

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