Infection Control in Hospitals: How TapmasterĀ® Can Help

February 7, 2017

If there is one place where proper sanitation and cleanliness is important, it’s in a hospital. Whether you are a patient, nurse, or a doctor, infection control is paramount to everyone’s health. Despite this, hospitals are among the most common places to contract illnesses caused by bacteria. This is simply because there are a lot of people in a relatively small space, many of whom are there because of these illnesses in the first place. Surgical work can leave patients at a high risk for infection, and shared hospital rooms expose people to each other’s bugs. In addition, constant disinfecting and use of antibiotics in these facilities can lead to the development of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, further increasing risk to patients and health care professionals alike should cross-contamination occur.

How do we prevent the spread of bacteria in hospitals then, given these non-ideal conditions? The first line of defense is, and always has been, proper hand washing. To avoid touching faucet handles and thereby spreading bacteria, hospital sinks are equipped with hands free pedals and switches, however these generic models are typically bought from the lowest bidder and come with a host of issues. Most mechanical pedals and switches are full of moving parts, and moving parts require maintenance, which no one has the time to deal with, especially in the emergency room. Worse are electronic sensors, which are notoriously unreliable, often refusing to activate at all or activating when it’s not needed.

Tapmaster® solves both problems. Operating entirely on water pressure, Tapmaster® has no moving parts to maintain, and no electronics to fail. Models such as our floor-activated Model 1780 are specifically geared towards these hospital settings, as hospital scrub sinks are typically designed to be used with foot activators. Simply step onto the plate, and a slight flex built into the unit will turn on the water. In addition to the electronic and maintenance free benefits of Tapmaster, the Model 1780 is also mop rated, making it easy for hospitals to keep clean. Our floor activators are sleek and low profile, and can be mounted directly in the floor, or on the surface using an optional kit. If you need the ability to select temperature, you can do that too with our Model 1786. Of course, like every other Tapmaster® product, the 1780 series is rated for 5 million cycles and backed by our 5 year limited warranty.

Tapmaster® is not new to hospitals, having been adopted by many VA hospitals in the United States and by Mount Sinai hospital in Toronto. If you are interested in our solutions for your facility, or for your home, please do not hesitate to contact us at or 800-791-8117.

Infection Control in Hospitals: How TapmasterĀ® Can Help

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