Back in 2004 as we were building our new kitchen I insisted on installing your Tapmaster. As a dental hygienist, I knew the value and convenience of 'hands free' taps. I really wanted to just say that it's been epic and totally trouble free since installation. My kitchen has been featured in several canadian design magazines and I wanted you to know that Tapmaster is one of the best features!

-Kary E, ON


The very best feature in our new kitchen is our Tapmaster, everyone who sees it wants one. We originally bought it to save water, but we really love it for the convenience. It's much faster and easier to wash dishes, prepare food, fill glasses, and so many other tasks. No germs or mess either, our faucet always shines. This product is a winner!

-Susan G, OH


Because I want my customers to receive maximum value from their cabinetry investment, I specify Tapmaster controls in 100% of my projects. Tapmaster is simple and very reliable, and I know the customer will have many years of trouble free service from Tapmaster.

-Eugene H, CA


It's easy to use, it's convenient and it's healthy. Every restaurant should have one!

-Dionne, AB


Hygiene, as we know, is a big concern for us in food preparation. The Tapmaster provides on easy solution and even saves time for our employees when using it. 

-Ron, AB


I am very impressed with Tapmaster. Over the weekend I installed 5 in a dentist office and when I first saw them I thought, "no way," but not only to they work very, very well, the obvious quality construction insured me of no callbacks for a long time. If ever. 35 years as a plumber and I can without hesitation recommend Tapmaster to anyone.

- Michael, MI



After I dismantled our 14-year-old Tapmaster in an attempt to determine why the cold water had low and pulsating pressure, I discovered a mostly clogged white circular filter that crumbled from age when I attempted to clean it. I called Tapmaster to order a new filter and — unlike so many companies that have outsourced their customer service departments — a real human being answered the phone and proceeded to deliver the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. 

Rather than simply sending a replacement filter kit, I received a complete new assembly for both the hot and cold water with all the filters and tubes attached. Tapmaster essentially sent me a complete new unit sans the kick plate activation device at no charge, despite a warranty that expired 9 years ago. Tapmaster also included a separate filter kit which I assume is for future use if necessary. Exceeding my expectations even further, they overnighted the mechanism. It was on my doorstep the following morning, and I installed it that afternoon.

Tapmaster also suggested I call back during installation so they could walk me through the process. I found the instructions to be clear enough to avoid calling them, but it was comforting to know that they were there if I needed them. The installation was relatively simple, but attaching the tubes to the kick plate button and adjusting the height of the button can be a bit challenging.

My wife and I are very happy to be "hands-free" again thanks to Tapmaster.

-Mike, OH

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