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Medical & Dental

Tapmaster® hands free faucet solutions were originally designed for application within the medical and dental fields. We recognize the need for hygienic hand washing is imperative in clinics, hospitals and dental offices. According to studies, the faucet handle is the single largest contributer to the transmission of bacteria, viruses and other contaminants in situations where a faucet and washbasin are present. While this risk can be mitigated by using proper hand washing techniques, these can be extremely time consuming and wasteful. Tapmaster® hands free faucet solutions allow easy activation of any faucet without touching the faucet handle. No longer will you have to leave the water running as you apply soap, and no more will you have to use paper towel to turn off the faucet handle. 

When compared to typical sensor type faucets our product also has a few key advantages in medical situations. Most notably our controllers work every time, precisely when you want them to. There is no hand-waving to get the faucet to turn on, and our systems do not rely on batteries or electricity to work. In most medical establishments there are a very high number of faucets, and by removing the cost of replacement batteries and electrical hook-up fees Tapmaster® can realize a significant cost savings when compared to other hands free systems on the market.