TapmasterĀ® Touchless Medical Faucets: The Gold Standard for Infection Control

TapmasterĀ® Touchless Medical Faucets: The Gold Standard for Infection Control

In medical environments, clean hands and sterile surfaces are of paramount importance in mitigating the spread of viruses and bacteria. As a medical professional, you have a responsibility to protect your patients from unnecessary risks- whether dealing with individuals with compromised immune systems or simply trying to stop the spread of cold and flu germs.

Studies have shown that faucet handles are a breeding ground for bacteria, posing a dangerous contamination risk for everyone turning the tap on and off when washing their hands. This fact becomes all the more problematic in a medical environment, where hygiene and sterility play an integral role in patient outcomes.

Unparalleled Reliability. Unprecedented Hygiene.
Originally developed for application within medical environments, Tapmaster® has a number of advantages over typical sensor type faucets. Sensor faucets require the user to wave their hands to turn the faucet on or off, which, when done with wet hands, splatters contaminated water onto nearby surfaces. Tapmaster®’s line of hands-free faucet controllers are activated with a simple tap of the foot or knee, negating this contamination risk. Precision built for quick and easy activation, Tapmaster®’s faucet controllers are built with few moving parts, making them both reliable and easy to use.

The Cost-Effective Infection Control Plan
Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers do not rely on batteries or electricity to work, instead utilizing existing water pressure in the lines to provide short bursts of water as you need them. In large hospital environments, replacing sensor faucets with a Tapmaster® will save you the cost spent on replacement batteries, electrical hook-up fees, and excess water usage- a massive cost-savings when calculated across the life span of your faucets.

Tapmaster®’s Proven Track Record
Having worked with hospitals such as Toronto’s Mount Sinai to retrofit faucets with custom solutions, the team at Tapmaster® is capable of taking on medical projects of any scope. For more information on our products, contact our team today at 1-800-791-8117.

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