Model 1786

Model 1786

Our Model 1786 HWC floor activator shares the same low profile styling and performance as our Model 1780. It also boasts the same temperature control technology found in our model 1756, allowing you to control the water temperature with your feet. This unique feature ensures that you never have to touch your faucet! By stepping on either the blue or red activation points the operator can choose either cold or hot water. Stepping on both activation points yields warm water so you don't ever have to adjust your faucet to go from pouring a glass of water to washing your hands or rinsing dishes!

With the available Surface Mount Kit Number 8050 the Model 1786 can be easily installed in any location as this provides a solution for finished floors.

Technical Specifications (submittal) PDF Technical Document

Installation Instructions 

Model 1786

Model 1786

$630.00 (CAD)


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Model 1786

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