Renovating Your Bathroom? Here’s Why You Need a Tapmaster®

May 1, 2016

There are four main reasons why homeowners choose to renovate a bathroom. Sure, you may be a fan of Art Deco, Arts and Crafts, or Asian. You may be operating on a shoestring or a multi-million dollar spend. But regardless of décor style preferences or budgetary guidelines, one or more of the same factors will always motivate the decision to tear out the old and begin anew.

The multiple benefits of Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers make them the perfect addition to every bathroom reno, no matter which of the four factors is driving your decision to remodel.

1) Faulty or Old Plumbing
Reliable and built to last, Tapmaster®’s durable construction has been tested and proven to more than 5 million cycles! Because our products have been designed to withstand constant on/off use, they are required to be tested to a much higher standard than conventional faucets. If you’re renovating your bathroom to replace faulty or original plumbing in an older home, adding a Tapmaster® is the perfect way to guarantee functionality for the long-term.

2) Outdated Fixtures or Décor
The 1980’s have their place in history… But probably not in your bathroom. If your reno is motivated by the desire for a new design scheme, rest assured that Tapmaster® can assist. Suitable for use with almost any type of faucet, Tapmaster®’s technology is neatly hidden underneath the sink, boasting very little visual impact.

3) Increasing Eco-Efficiency
Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers provide the user with a short burst of water from the existing pressure in the water lines. By using no electricity or batteries, and ensuring responsible water usage, Tapmaster® products are eco-friendly and sustainable.

4) Adding Resale Value  
Updating a bathroom can have a huge impact on the resale value of your home. New buyers are seeking the latest and greatest in décor and technology, and few things will impress like a hands-free faucet that increases hygiene while lowering water and energy bills.

Best of all, Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers cost far less than sensor faucets- both to purchase and install. They’re an affordable solution that continues to save you money in the long-term. So what are you waiting for? Add a Tapmaster® to your renovation plan today, and take yourself one step closer to the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.

Visit our website or give us a call to learn more about the many ways that Tapmaster® can add value to your residential renovations.

Is a hands-free faucet controller on your reno checklist?

Renovating Your Bathroom? Here’s Why You Need a Tapmaster®

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