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For Your Home

Tapmaster® hands free faucet solutions are unique in that they are equally as convenient in your home as they are in commercial and medical installations. Our wide range of activators allows the Tapmaster® hands free system to be installed in virtually any room in any home! Our cabinet door models are ideal for washrooms where short bursts of water to wash hands and brush teeth are all that is needed, while our Euro models are ideal for kitchens where you may need to turn the water on and leave it running when both hands are dirty or occupied.

Unlike sensor and other electronic hands free faucet systems, Tapmaster® puts you in control of your faucet. Never will you have to dance in front of a sensor or repeatedly tap a touch-based faucet to get the water to turn on. We believe that your faucet should be simple and convenient to use, which is why every Tapmaster® activator is designed to be simple, reliable and most of all convenient.

All Tapmaster® products can be customized to your exact situation with the option for multiple activators for a single faucet so you can use your faucet however YOU need to. To discuss your specific requirements please call us at 1-800-791-8117 we will help you find the perfect solution to suit your needs!