TapmasterĀ® for garages and workshops

January 9, 2017

Greasy hands and dirty parts are an everyday challenge in machine shops, auto garages and warehouses and keeping everything clean and tidy can be difficult to say the least. Hands-free faucet solutions can provide an answer to many of the difficulties encountered in daily operations. They leave both hands available when cleaning large, heavy or fragile components and prevent fouling of faucet handles from dirty hands.

Dirty hands in need of Tapmaster

That all sounds great, but many hands-free faucet solutions introduce a whole new set of problems. Electronic sensor 

faucet performance tends to degrade if the sensor gets dirty or if the hands leave the optimal sensor area. In the end they often become more trouble than they are worth in industrial applications. Mechanical systems rely on a series of linkages and springs that can fall out of alignment over time and eventually break down.

Tapmaster® hands free faucet controller’s do not rely on sensors, mechanical linkages or even electronic switches. Our products require nothing more than the water pressure in your existing plumbing to funtion and the wide array of activator installation options are all designed to handle extreme working conditions.

Compared to electronic sensor faucets, Tapmaster® offers a few very compelling advantages:

  1. Tapmaster® faucet control activator solutions are not impacted by dirty environments, there are no sensors to get dirty.
  2. You don’t have to keep your hands in “just the right spot” to keep the water flowing, a major consideration if you are trying to wash something that doesn’t quite fit into the basin.
  3. It is easy to lock the faucet into the “on” position to fill a large container.

We know that downtime is the enemy to all businesses so we are proud of Tapmaster®’s excellent record of reliability and safety. Our valves are designed and tested to operate flawlessly and without adjustment for over 5 million on/off cycles and is backed by our 5 year limited warranty.

For more information or to place an order please contact us at info@tapmaster.ca or call us toll-free at 1-800-791-8117. You can also place an order directly on our online store! 

TapmasterĀ® for garages and workshops

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