TapmasterĀ®: Guaranteed to Over 5 Million Cycles

March 31, 2016

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers are built to last. Durable, easy to install, and cost effective, our products have been tested to the highest standards to guarantee functionality for long-term use.

Our customers can rest assured, knowing that all of Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers have been certified by the following institutions:

Canadian Standards Association (CSA)CSA is a non-profit association that establishes standards pertaining to public safety and health, the environment, and the facilitation of trade. Products bearing the CSA mark are proven to have been independently tested and to have met the stringent standards necessary for certification.

NSF International
NSF works to protect the environment and to ensure the safety of consumer products, foods, a

nd beverages. Originally began as the National Sanitation Foundation, NSF is responsible for the development of standards and the testing and certification of products and systems.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
ASME is the world’s leading developer of standards and codes for arts, science, and mechanical engineering. These standards enhance public safety, health, and quality of life while facilitating marketplace competition, innovation, and trade.

Massachusetts State Board
This governing body includes the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation, Division of Professional Licensure Board and the Board State Examiners of Plumbers and Gasfitters.

Both ASME and CSA certify the mechanical requirements for all of Tapmaster®’s hands-free faucet controllers. In order to meet their mechanical standards, a faucet or valve must be certified to operate for a minimum of 500,000 cycles. Given that Tapmaster®’s valves are designed for constant on/off use in order to maximize water savings, our products must be tested to a far higher standard. We’re proud to say our valves test to well over 5 million cycles, proving the durability, reliability, and quality of our products.

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TapmasterĀ®: Guaranteed to Over 5 Million Cycles

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