Help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria in these crazy times

You wash your hands many times a day to protect those around you from the spread of viruses and bacteria, why not make it easy to do properly? Tens of thousands of medical and dental professionals rely on Tapmaster® every day for improved hand hygiene in hospitals and clinics, while thousands more home users have discovered the freedom and utility of hands-free faucet control.

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Tapmaster products provide a unique solution to hand hygiene. We have designed our products to be as visually unobtrusive as possible to ensure that your design aesthetic remains uncompromised while also providing an effective an reliable method of hands-free faucet activation. We don’t believe it is enough to design a beautiful and functional product, to truly blend into the background a product must be intuitive in operation and transparent from a maintenance perspective. Homeowners and facilities managers alike want a product that reduces their overall maintenance burden, and Tapmaster faucet controllers do just that. They require next to no ongoing maintenance and the activators are durable enough to survive the most rigorous cleaning routines. For this reason, the Mount Sinai health region in Toronto has flat spec’d our products to replace all electronic and manual faucets as they roll through campus-wide upgrades.

We Offer Both Modular and Custom Design

While our modular designs allow for use with nearly any commercial, residential or industrial application we love working with our customers on completely custom applications to create a space that is truly unique. Tapmaster® touchless faucet controllers will ensure hygiene and sterility play an integral role in both home and workplace safety. We want to work closely with you to design innovative solutions specific to your needs.
Let’s work together to protect each other now and in the future.

Tapmaster® Hygiene Advantage

Hygiene Advantage

Unlike traditional or sensor faucets, Tapmaster® line of hands-free faucet controllers are activated with a gentle tap of the foot or knee, leaving your hands-free to thoroughly wash and properly dry. Originally developed for use in Dental and Medical environments, Tapmaster® has been specifically engineered to address hygienic concerns and negate unnecessary contamination risks.

Tapmaster® is Budget-Friendly and Reliable

Tapmaster® is Budget-Friendly and Reliable

Tapmaster® faucet controllers are made with very few moving parts, and without the use of batteries. Activated utilizing existing water pressure in the lines, there is no operating cost associated with Tapmaster® revolutionary technology. Tapmaster® unparalleled reliability means you’ll never again have to worry about costly repairs.

Tapmaster® is Environmentally Responsible

Tapmaster® is Environmentally Responsible

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers are an easy way to encourage team members to use less water while still achieving the same high standard of cleanliness.
For more information on the Tapmaster® products that would work best for you, call our team today at 1-800-791-8117.


Model 1780 floor activators are a rugged, versatile and stylish way to make any faucet hands-free.

Model 1786 Hands-Free Temperature Selection Floor Activator.

Model 1775 Euro foot activator with continuous flow option.