Our cabinet door activators are our simplest and most affordable way to make your faucet hands-free. These easy to install activators turn your cabinet door into one large hands-free faucet activator.

Our 1770 series Euro foot activators are our most barefoot friendly hands-free systems. The unique soft-touch probe can be lightly deflected in any direction to turn on your faucet. The locking feature on the 1775 model lets you leave your faucet running while you are busy doing other things.

Our floor mounted hands-free faucet activators are a sleek and easy to clean way to turn on your faucet hands-free. They can be mounted directly into your floor or surface mounted using our available adapter ring. Our new model 1786 activator also lets you choose your water temperature with your foot!

Our kick plate activators have been our mainstay product. They offer the flexibility to use your faucet for short bursts as well as allow you to leave the water running unattended. Our kick plate activators are offered in stainless steel. We have discontinued the black and white versions.

Our combination models are the best of both worlds. They allow the user to activate their faucet using the cabinet door under their sink, using the foot activated kick plate, or both!

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