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Why Tapmaster®

Tapmaster® Client List

Client List

Tapmaster® appreciates our long-term client relationships. We work hard to serve and provide innovative, trustworthy solutions to our valued clients, now and in the future.


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Why Tapmaster®

Tapmaster® is Hygienic


The Tapmaster® was originally designed for the dental industry, where it is essential for staff to wash their hands between patients. They required a device that enabled hands to remain clean after washing.

Faucets are notorious for collecting and transferring large quantities of germs. We activate a traditional faucet with our hands, thereby leaving bacteria on the handle. This bacteria is then transferred back to our hands when we shut the faucet off. Tapmaster® eliminates this point of contact by using innovative knee and foot operated faucet controllers—and hands remain clean.

In addition to the dental industry, Tapmaster® products can also be found in the most demanding situations—medical centres, public washrooms, commercial kitchens and residential settings. Every Tapmaster® is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing our customers with peace of mind, knowing their hands-free faucet controller purchase is protected.




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Why Tapmaster®

Tapmaster® Success Story

“Awesome product. We flat specified it!”

Mount Sinai Building Supervisor swears by Tapmaster® activators

Derrick Muir, Operations Supervisor, Building Services at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital thinks so highly of Tapmaster® hands-free faucet activators (also known as controllers), he’s recommending them to other hospitals.

“It’s an awesome, back-to-basics product,” he says, adding, with a smile, that he believes the installed activators will last another 10 years, until he retires. “I don’t think about them once they’re in.” ...Read more


Tapmaster® Solutions for
Toronto Mount Sinai Hospital

Model 1786 tested as new—after being used 30 times per hour over four years!

In 2012 the engineering and maintenance staff at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital were frustrated with the high, ongoing maintenance costs associated with its pedal valves and sensor faucets. Tapmaster® hands-free technology offered an alternative solution. Working closely with the hospital’s requirements for reliability and infection control, Tapmaster® developed the model 1786 floor activator along with a floor mount retrofit kit to easily replace pedal valves. It was initially tested in the hospital’s emergency room sink and was used at a rate of 30 times an hour 24/7. After four years the unit was retested under the Tapmaster® quality assurance program and performed as new. The products' reliability and advanced infection control features convinced the hospital to replace other hands-free faucet systems with Tapmaster® and flat specify the product for all major future renovations and expansions. Tapmaster® continues to develop innovative hands-free solutions for the most demanding applications.




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Why Tapmaster®

Tapmaster® is Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers do not rely on batteries or electricity to work. Instead Tapmaster® utilizes existing water pressure in the lines to provide short bursts of water as needed. Whether the environment is commercial or consumer based, replacing sensor faucets with a Tapmaster® will save you the cost spent on replacement batteries, electrical hook-up fees, and excess water usage—a massive cost-savings when calculated across the life span of your faucets. The result is a reliable and convenient method of turning water on and off that is easy to install and ecologically friendly to operate. We are changing the way the world uses the faucet.










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Why Tapmaster®

Tapmaster® is Convenient


Traditionally, when we turn the water on we use our hands to activate the faucet, so it seems strange for us to consider any other method of turning the water on. Usually when we need to turn the water on it’s because our hands are dirty or we have something in them that needs filling or rinsing. With Tapmaster® touchless operation you can activate your faucet without getting it dirty or setting down what you have in your hands. Never again will you have to get mud all over your kitchen faucet after a day in the garden. Nor will you ever have to attempt to awkwardly activate or shut off your faucet while working with raw meat.


People’s primary motivation for buying the Tapmaster® is a concern for hygiene or for water savings. However after they have installed their Tapmaster® and used it for a while, time and time again we are told that what they love most about it is the convenience it brings to working around the faucet.


In fact, many of our customers call us back after having installed their Tapmaster® to tell us how surprised they were at how much easier it made their lives. Some have even compared its convenience to their television remote. So go ahead, turn any ordinary faucet into a touchless faucet today, you will be glad you did!




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Why Tapmaster®

Tapmaster® Go Green. Save Green.

Go Green. Save Green.

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet solutions are environmentally friendly. Our faucet control systems do not require batteries, completely eliminating the ongoing energy footprint related to the manufacturing, transporting and disposal issues associated with batteries. The superior reliability of the Tapmaster® system also ensures less material and energy is wasted on replacement parts.

In addition, unlike many technologies that limit water flow in an effort to reduce water use, Tapmaster® systems have changed the way a faucet is used—resulting in natural water savings. Tapmaster® faucet controllers make it so easy to turn the faucet on and off it becomes natural to activate the water flow only when you need it. The result is that a faucet controlled by a Tapmaster® system is not left running during tasks such as brushing your teeth and washing dishes.  Tapmaster® faucet controllers put you in direct control over how long your faucet is running instead of relying on sensors and timers. This allows our technology to use less water under normal operation than most sensor-based systems that rely on timers to deactivate water flow after a set amount of time.

Go green and save green with Tapmaster®.




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Why Tapmaster®

Tapmaster®: Who we are

We are Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary

For 25 years we have been working to create innovative hands-free faucet controllers

The first Tapmaster® was sold into the dental industry in 1993. Immediately Tapmaster® became synonymous with reliability, ease of installation, reduction of cross contamination, cost effective water savings and a more convenient hands-free way of using the faucet.

Today Tapmaster® is accepted as the #1 hands-free “product of choice” throughout the North American dental industry. We are also expanding beyond our dental roots into medical, chiropractic, veterinary, residential, commercial, construction and food services industries throughout North America and the world.

As we further develop our products and business and invent new methods of activation and configurations we will be sharing it here.

Who We Are

Research and Development

At Tapmaster® Incorporated we are dedicated to producing new and exciting ways to make your faucet hands-free. We are constantly working on new activator types to suit even more applications than we already do, while at the same time researching ways to make our products more reliable and cost-effective.

If you have any questions or suggestions we would love to hear them, just fill out the form on our contact page and we will be sure to take your thoughts into consideration.