blog posts and important news


blog posts and important news


Make it a Safer “Stay-At-Home” Summer!

June 30, 2021News, Home/Consumer

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers slow the spread of infection and bring convenience and style to our homes, the most important places in the world. As summer heats up, our home lives spill out onto decks and patios and into the garden for BBQ meals, cold ones, laughter and sunsets. When we go RVing, we often … Read More

“Awesome product. We flat specified it!”

April 14, 2021News

Derrick Muir, Operations Supervisor, Building Services at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital thinks so highly of Tapmaster® hands-free faucet activators (also known as controllers), he’s recommending them to other hospitals. “It’s an awesome, back-to-basics product,” he says, adding, with a smile, that he believes the installed activators will last another 10 years, until he retires. “I … Read More

Why we manufacture in-house in Canada

February 9, 2021News

Tapmaster® has been manufacturing our products in-house in Alberta since we started up in 1993. Over the years we’ve grown from a small garage-based operation in Calgary to a larger operation in the MD of Rocky View. As of March 2021 we are excited to be moving into a new location within the city of … Read More

Reducing water waste in the home

December 7, 2020News

Water conservation is becoming a critical part of daily life around the world. As populations grow, it is becoming more important than ever to manage freshwater use to ensure a stable supply for everyone going into the future. While the vast majority of water use in the United States comes from power generation and agriculture, … Read More

How to prevent cross-contamination at home or work

December 1, 2020News

What cross-contamination is and what it means for the average person Cross-contamination is one of the leading causes of food-borne illnesses in North America. While the meaning of the term may not be initially apparent, it is quite simply the transferring of contamination from one surface to another. In this post we want to go … Read More

Top 5 reasons to use hands-free faucets

November 26, 2020News, Home/Consumer

There are a whole host of reasons people decide they want to use hands-free faucets. At Tapmaster we are uniquely passionate about them since that is our business. But regardless of the hands-free system you decide on there are a number of common key benefits. Check out our short video on the top 5 reasons … Read More