Designed with the planet in mind

Water Savings | Sustainable Manufacturing | Social Responsibility

Helping you save water

Tapmaster hands free faucet solutions help you reduce water consumption at the tap. Our products put you in direct control of when the water flows. Compared to a standard faucet we can demonstrate water savings approaching 80% for common tasks.

  • Rinsing Dishes 88% 88%
  • Brushing Teeth 60% 60%
  • Washing Hands 90% 90%
  • Rinsing Food 50% 50%

No batteries

Tapmaster works on water pressure alone. Our products don’t need batteries or power. We prefer it this way, it eliminates electronic waste. At Tapmaster, we don’t like the idea of replacing batteries on a faucet when there is plenty of water power on tap.

No sensors

There is no denying sensor technology has come a long way in the last 20 years. Unfortunately, they still aren’t as reliable as Tapmaster’s unique water pressure system. Sensor faucets require complex electronics that are energy intensive to manufacture and nearly impossible to recycle. Tapmaster products are made from nearly 100% recyclable materials. 

Why No Plastics?

Most plastics that can be recycled find their way into landfills because they are simply not profitable to recycle. Small bits of plastic like tape is nearly impossible to recycle.

What To Expect

When you get your Tapmaster, you will find it packed in a cardboard box with paper tape and even a compostable paper box tray holding it safe and sound for shipping.

Paper Is Better

Not only is paper much easier to recycle – it is also 100% compostable! Even paper that finds its way into landfills or rivers will break down quickly without releasing microplastics into the environment.

sustainable, compostable, packaging

If you value water savings and sustainable manufacturing as much as we do, we would love for you to join the Tapmaster family!