Tapmaster® answers the continued call for safety with its innovative, reliable, hands-free faucet controllers


Infection control. At Calgary-based Tapmaster® Incorporated, we’ve been improving it for more than 25 years. We sold our first hands-free faucet controller to a customer in the dental industry in 1993. It was designed to help break the chain of infection, keeping dangerous contaminants out of patients’ mouths.

Today, our dental customers’ enthusiasm continues, and now we’re also selling to major North American hospitals, restaurants and public venues… as well as to individuals and families for use in their home kitchens and bathrooms!

The feedback from dental and health professionals has been great. Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers help prevent the spread of infection, wherever they’re installed.

Interestingly, though, it’s some of the other product benefits that have everyone excited to use Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers on a daily basis, at home as well as in dental and medical facilities.

One added benefit, for example, is that your hands are suddenly “free” to be doing something else of importance: holding a baby; filling a kettle; mixing cocktails; preparing food; scrubbing pots, brushing your teeth (or extracting one if you’re a dentist)! That’s convenience. And it makes it fun to use!

Tapmaster® controllers help save water, power and money. There are no finnicky sensors or dead batteries to replace. No electronics. This makes them extremely low maintenance, running reliably for many years, problem-free.

Derrick Muir, Building Services Supervisor at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital Complex, thinks so highly of the Tapmaster® lineup, he’s recommending it to other hospitals.

“It’s low maintenance, which is low cost. It has been installed in the public washrooms and on drinking fountains. It lasts longer. The new spaces throughout the Mt Sinai hospital system are all Tapmaster® ,” Mr. Muir says.

Jenn Givlin, Office Manager at Calgary’s Aviation Dental, says Tapmaster® controllers “(keep) our patients on time and things moving through the office much more effectively.”

“That means (we have) more time, more patients in the office and an ability to keep (our clinic) as clean as possible much more effectively and efficiently,” she continues, adding “Tapmaster® has been exceptionally reliable. It allows us to have no contaminants moving around the office.”

At the Trans Canada Denture Clinic, also in Calgary, Owner and Denturist Curtis Welsh says: “Everyone here likes using the Tapmaster® !”

“I’d rate it five stars out of five. It provides us with a lot of efficiency, and we are very happy using it. I would recommend it to other dentists, denturists, dental lab technicians and anyone in the medical field… because I find it’s very helpful with cross-contamination and keeping the area sterilized… As for in the home? I think it would be great… in the kitchen and bathroom!”

It already is! Tapmaster® sells its full lineup of hands-free faucet controllers to consumers online, at tapmaster.ca, the company’s e-commerce website. Sales via the site have recently tripled!

Interior designers who install our products tell us they not only function well, they look great, too. They should! Every unit is hand-assembled and tested, one-at-a-time, in our Calgary manufacturing facility using finely-machined, chrome-plated brass parts. Elegant and discrete, they’re perfect for the finest kitchens and bathrooms, private or commercial.

Who knew a lineup of products designed 25 years ago in Calgary to “prevent infection in dental settings” would become one of coolest and most important Canadian contributors to a cleaner, greener, smarter and safer world!


Tapmaster® …for the most important place in the world, your home.

  1. SAFE – Prevent the spread of infection; protect your loved ?
  2. EFFICIENT – Free your hands for other tasks
  3. RELIABLE – Switch to a (near) maintenance-free
  4. GREEN – Save water, power & our planet
  5. ATTRACTIVE – Choose discrete, hands-free elegance
  6. FUN – Keep kids (and adults) having fun while prioritizing hygiene
  7. CANADIAN – Relax in the knowledge that all Tapmasters® are designed, machined, assembled, and rigorously tested in Canada, with parts sourced from across North America


See for yourself. Protect your loved ones. Buy Tapmaster® for your home!

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