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Standard cabinetry with a toe-kick between 3 and 10 inches high.
Select the Tapmaster activator you want to build the perfect hands-free system. You can even mix and match activator styles to get the easy activation of a knee activator with the locking features of our foot activators!

Tapmaster Hands Free Faucet control systems are designed to be added to any faucet.

(16 customer reviews)

Different cabinet styles

Floating Vanity >7″ above floor

Wall Hung / Pedestal

Floating Vanity >7″ above floor

16 reviews for Tapmaster System for Standard Cabinetry

  1. Luke Bassett (verified owner)

    Great product, and great service. I mistakenly ordered twice on the website, and the next day I got an email asking whether I really wanted two units (which I didn’t). The refund for the second unit appeared on my credit card statement that same day.
    The system itself is fantastic. I installed the combination Euro Foot and Knee (cabinet) Activator, and it took me less than an hour. The quality of the components is top-notch, and justifies the high price for me. Although it’s a luxury item (like granite counter-tops, stainless appliances, etc), it’s one of my favorite luxuries in my kitchen. When I’m rinsing dishes, I don’t have to constantly stop to turn the tap on and off, and I don’t have to worry about running out of hot water. Activation is simple and reliable, with virtually no delay between pushing the activator and the water starting. I don’t have to be concerned about replacing batteries in the middle of holiday dinner prep (which is when they always seem to run out). Highly recommended.

  2. Willis


  3. Ivan (verified owner)

    Best product that I can have for cabinets in dentist offices

  4. Alan Bender (verified owner)

    Very pleased with Tapmaster products, as are my customers. Tapmaster has reliable, quick delivery of products.

  5. Darren (verified owner)

    Great product that I have used for 20 years. Only problem is they are “way” over-priced. Review is based on price NOT quality, although they do clog once in a while from minerals in the water system.

    • Tapmaster

      Thanks for the feedback! We do try to keep cost as low as possible but as we manufacture everything in North America with North American sourced materials and a 10 year warranty with a relatively small market share we can’t do much more about the price. What we can say proudly is that every member of our staff makes a certified living wage and of all our competitors we had by far the smallest price increases over the last 3 years!

  6. Andrew

    We have installed 5 tapmasters in a variety of residences from CA to SC to NH. Would not have a kitchen without one. Reliable, no batteries, almost no moving parts, great customer service.

  7. Prameet Singh

    Fantastic and durable. Installed in 2002. Still running like new. Never serviced or in need of repair.

  8. Adam (verified owner)

    I installed the Euro for our kitchen sink. We are very happy with the quality of the product and the fact that power is not required. Tapmaster has built a wonderful product and I feel great about my purchase. Easy to install, but did call with a few questions and the support team was accessible and helpful. Every kitchen sink should have a Tapmaster.

  9. Hirst

  10. Jeff Bueno (verified owner)

    The best invention since sliced bread. I can’t believe this product exists. It’s like from the future. The awesome future. Thank you Tapmaster.

  11. Gail

    I installed the euro tap 7 years ago and couldn’t be happier. Now we are in a new home and ordering another. I just can’t live with the filthy faucet and can’t seem to retrain my toes!

  12. Shannon B (verified owner)

    Saves a ton of water. In our drought location, I truly think these should become mainstream in every home to cut back on water usage. No longer is the faucet running while we grab the soap, find the sponge, move the dish/pots around in the basin, and sponge off the dishware. We only tap the foot petal when water is needed. So easy. So environmental friendly. It is my favorite thing in our newly remodeled home. People laugh when I say that, but honest truth.

  13. Andrew

    Excelet Service ,very happy

  14. Jonathan

    Excellent product. I’ve installed these in all the faucets throughout my home and have been using them flawlessly for years. I prefer the foot pedal over the euro or cabinet style. The only thing is that I wish there was a longer travel of actuation upon depressing, since it isn’t always intuitive for guests. I understand that the current design is more robust against tampering, but I wish they made a product line more oriented for home use.

  15. Christopher B

    We installed a Tapmaster Euro foot activator during a kitchen remodel several years ago. It was something my wife wanted, but I came to appreciate it pretty quickly. Obviously, the main advantage is not having to operate a faucet with dirty hands. But it’s not just about hygiene, it’s also just plain convenient/easier to operate: a simple swipe of the foot immediately turns the water on to my preferred temperature (dialed in on the “regular” knobs).

    No drawbacks, although you might need to turn the system off when you have a lot of visitors. It only takes a couple seconds to learn, but it’s easier just to turn it off when your kitchen gets crowded with guests.

    Lastly, the durability at the price point exceeded my expectations, especially after years of heavy use. Considering one for a bathroom remodel.

  16. Don Utas

    Awesome products! I have had them in my dental clinic for many years. They have held up very well and my staff love them

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