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Toronto’s Biggest Hospital Still Chooses Tapmaster® to Break the Chain of Infection.

Is it time for hospitals to phase out under-performing sensor faucets?

Although used widely in North American hospitals to prevent infection, sensor faucets break down a lot. When that happens, water can run uncontrollably. It’s one way infectious diseases can spread.

What if hospitals could get faucet controllers that blocked the spread of infection without breaking down? And what if these superior products didn’t need replacement batteries and also saved water, power and vast sums of money for the hospitals?

Tapmaster® Surpassed Emergency Room Expectations

In 2012, engineering, maintenance and infection control personnel at Toronto’s Mount Sinai were frustrated with the high repair costs and poor performance of sensor faucets and mechanical pedal valves. A Tapmaster® was installed in the Emergency Room instead. After being used 30 times an hour, 24/7, for four years, it tested “as new”.

Mount Sinai staff immediately flat-specified Tapmaster® for renovations throughout the facility. As a result of its stellar performance, several hundred Tapmaster® units have been installed at Mount Sinai since the initial Emergency Room test.

“Off-the-shelf or custom?”
“Let’s work together to make your faucets more reliable in preventing infection and less costly to install and run. Backed by 25 years of experience, we can ship off-the-shelf products immediately or customize a solution for you.”
– Peter Pubben, President, Tapmaster

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