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Derrick Muir, Operations Supervisor, Building Services at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital thinks so highly of Tapmaster® hands-free faucet activators (also known as controllers), he’s recommending them to other hospitals.

“It’s an awesome, back-to-basics product,” he says, adding, with a smile, that he believes the installed activators will last another 10 years, until he retires. “I don’t think about them once they’re in.”


Muir was there when the first unit was installed as a trial in the Mt Sinai Emergency Room in 2013. Since that time, “that original Emergency Room activator has been used at least every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” he says.


And since then, Mt Sinai has installed approximately 900 Tapmaster® hands-free faucet activators and flat-specified the brand for ongoing construction and renovations.


That will likely mean several hundred additional units, he says. The current Renew Sinai initiative is the largest and most ambitious redevelopment in Mt Sinai’s history. Many important facilities will be completely redesigned and rebuilt by the end of 2022. The work will include more than 140 distinct projects on 20 floors and about 300,000 square feet of hospital space. That’s the equivalent of five football fields!


During our recent Zoom call with Muir, we also asked him: “Would you say Mt Sinai medical staff believes Tapmaster® controllers slow the spread of infection?”


Muir’s response: “One hundred percent!”


Asked about sensor faucets (the competition), Muir says they’ve had to be replaced numerous times. Cleaners often damaged them, whereas Tapmaster® activators “show no wear and tear.”
Muir also likes that Tapmaster® activators require no electricity. They’ve “held strong through power outages” and Mt Sinai (a Jewish healthcare facility) does not use electricity on the Sabbath.


“I recommended Tapmaster® to two other facilities: Sunnybrook and Lakeridge in Oshawa,” Muir says, adding “It’s low maintenance, which is low cost. It has been installed in the public washrooms and on drinking fountains as well. It lasts longer. The new spaces throughout the Mt Sinai hospital system are all Tapmaster®. And no other manufacturer gives me service like Tapmaster®.”

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