Tapmaster® is pleased to announce that we will be at the Vancouver Fall Home Show this year!

See you at the Vancouver Home Show…or, if you don’t live nearby, request a Tapmaster® Online Demo!

Fast-growing Calgary company Tapmaster Inc. will demo its line of revolutionary, hands-free faucet controllers at this year’s Vancouver Fall Home Show, Oct.14-17 at the Convention Centre, West Building (Booth 614).

Why revolutionary? The answer is simple: Tapmaster® breaks the chain of infection (preventing germs and viruses from spreading) at the #1 cross contamination point worldwide: the faucet. The most amazing thing is that Tapmasters don’t use electronics or sensors to do it!
In fact, Tapmaster® was built specifically to work better than sensors. Tapmaster® founder, Calgary-based inventor Peter Pubben, was fed up waving his hands around in front of sink sensor faucets with nothing happening! He decided to change the game (yes, he’s expected be at the Show).
Mr. Pubben came up with a brand-new way to convert any faucet to hands-free operation. He designed “retrofit” controllers (for any faucet) that — using existing pressure in the water lines — activate with a tap of the toe or a slight press of the knee. More reliable than sensors, these water-powered, hands-free controllers save water, money and lives.
The 2021 foot-activated models are attractive, discreet, chrome-plated brass fixtures that could easily become the home kitchen and bathroom installation of choice for pandemic-aware home interior designers. The knee activators? You’ll never even see them! Hidden behind your cabinet door under the sink, they run the water by moving 1/1,000 of an inch… with a stealthy nudge of the knee.

Still wondering why you might want to visit the Tapmaster® booth? Here’s why: The family-led Tapmaster® team will be there to answer questions like these:

  1.  How does a Tapmaster® break the chain of infection?
  2.  How well has your product been received in the North American dental industry?
  3. How many Tapmasters® have they installed at Toronto’s largest hospital, Mt Sinai?

A visit to Booth 614 at the Vancouver Home Show will be almost as good as watching the Tapmaster® team machine the product parts and hand-assemble them, one-at-a-time, in their Northeast Calgary shop, testing as they go for 100 percent quality. If you’re in Vancouver but can’t make the Show, visit Tapmaster.ca or give the company a call. Let them know you’d like to book a live Tapmaster® Online Demo!

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