We ordered our original 1750 in the spring of 2001 on our kitchen sink as part of a major kitchen remodel. I had read about it on the GardenWeb website (which may now be Houzz). Those who had Tapmaster raved about it, and it was one of the two “splurges” that I made that I LOVE almost 20 years later. We have more fun messing with children who come to our house about our “magic” faucet. The fact that we can have chicken juices on our hands and can turn on the water (and now we can be even more safe about touching surfaces during this time of COVID19) without touching the faucet is such a benefit.

We decided NOT to order the pilot valve kit, and just to replace the whole thing. We plan on only being in this house for three more years, but it will be our gift to the next owners. AND we are planning on building a new house, and it goes without saying that we will put in a new Tapmaster. We love the 1750 for the fact that the kickplate really doesn’t show. We may finally upgrade to putting additional ones in the new house’s bathrooms, because we all love it so much.

Thank you,

Jenny from New Mexico