Why Tapmaster®

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The Tapmaster® was originally designed for the dental industry, where it is essential for staff to wash their hands between patients. They required a device that enabled hands to remain clean after washing.

Faucets are notorious for collecting and transferring large quantities of germs. We activate a traditional faucet with our hands, thereby leaving bacteria on the handle. This bacteria is then transferred back to our hands when we shut the faucet off. Tapmaster® eliminates this point of contact by using innovative knee and foot operated faucet controllers—and hands remain clean.

In addition to the dental industry, Tapmaster® products can also be found in the most demanding situations—medical centres, public washrooms, commercial kitchens and residential settings. Every Tapmaster® is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, providing our customers with peace of mind, knowing their hands-free faucet controller purchase is protected.