Why Tapmaster®

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“Awesome product. We flat specified it!”

Mount Sinai Building Supervisor swears by Tapmaster® activators

Derrick Muir, Operations Supervisor, Building Services at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital thinks so highly of Tapmaster® hands-free faucet activators (also known as controllers), he’s recommending them to other hospitals.

“It’s an awesome, back-to-basics product,” he says, adding, with a smile, that he believes the installed activators will last another 10 years, until he retires. “I don’t think about them once they’re in.” …Read more


Tapmaster® Solutions for
Toronto Mount Sinai Hospital

Model 1786 tested as new—after being used 30 times per hour over four years!

In 2012 the engineering and maintenance staff at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital were frustrated with the high, ongoing maintenance costs associated with its pedal valves and sensor faucets. Tapmaster® hands-free technology offered an alternative solution. Working closely with the hospital’s requirements for reliability and infection control, Tapmaster® developed the model 1786 floor activator along with a floor mount retrofit kit to easily replace pedal valves. It was initially tested in the hospital’s emergency room sink and was used at a rate of 30 times an hour 24/7. After four years the unit was retested under the Tapmaster® quality assurance program and performed as new. The products’ reliability and advanced infection control features convinced the hospital to replace other hands-free faucet systems with Tapmaster® and flat specify the product for all major future renovations and expansions. Tapmaster® continues to develop innovative hands-free solutions for the most demanding applications.