Make it a Safer “Stay-At-Home” Summer!

June 30, 2021News, Home/Consumer

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers slow the spread of infection and bring convenience and style to our homes, the most important places in the world.

Tapmaster® hands-free faucet controllers slow the spread of infection and bring convenience and style to our homes, the most important places in the world.

As summer heats up, our home lives spill out onto decks and patios and into the garden for BBQ meals, cold ones, laughter and sunsets. When we go RVing, we often take most of our kitchens with us. Doing yard work, we enjoy ourselves by getting a bit dirty! During this summer fun, of course, it’s a good idea for us to keep thinking about how to stay “clean, safe and well” with some help from Tapmaster®.

How can we have an even safer summer?

When we touch our faucets, germs immediately transfer to our skin. We wash our hands, following the latest advice on how to do it right, thinking we’re being “clean and safe.” But the water is still running and as soon as we grab the faucet again to turn it off, the germs are back on our hands, ready to contaminate everything and everyone. The only real solution is this: Never touch the faucets! Tapmaster® hands-free controllers make this possible. You run them with your knees or feet and they use the water pressure in your lines, not electricity. They make kitchens and bathrooms cleaner and safer for families and individuals everywhere. They block the spread of infection, make busy lives easier and stylishly accessorize our interiors.

Tapmaster® hands-free controllers make this possible. Plus, they save water, power and money, making them superior to sensors because they don’t need electricity. They run on the water pressure in your lines. For more than 25 years, Tapmaster® has recognized the importance of hygiene and safety in our homes. Our high-quality, hands-free faucet controllers make kitchens and bathrooms cleaner and safer for families and individuals everywhere. They block the spread of infection, make busy lives easier and stylishly accessorize our interiors.

Number One in the dental industry

The first Tapmaster® was sold into the dental industry in the 1990s. It earned us an immediate reputation for reducing contamination as well as for reliability, ease of installation and water savings. As a result, Tapmaster® controllers are the leading hands-free faucet solution in North American dental offices and they are pre-installed in many cabinet products sold by major manufacturers into the dental industry.

Toronto’s largest hospital did WHAT?

Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, the city’s largest, flat-specified Tapmaster® for all ongoing builds and renovations. In other words, they’re not interested in using anything else to run their faucets in the Emergency Room or anywhere else. And Derrick Muir, Operations Supervisor with Building Services at Mount Sinai thinks so highly of Tapmaster® hands-free controllers, he’s also recommending them to other hospitals.

A safety showpiece for an American hospital

Lancaster General Hospital (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) is one American hospital that was quick to install Tapmaster® solutions based on its own research. Its new Seraph-McSparren Pediatric Inpatient Center was designed as an engaging and uplifting space for patients and their families. Infection control was a key consideration for the new unit and products selected for installation had to have proven track records for exceptional reliability and effectiveness. Tapmaster® created a health and safety showpiece in the waiting area: A custom-designed, hands-free washbasin for children and families visiting the unit.

“Awesome product. We flat specified it!”

April 14, 2021Home/Consumer, Commercial/Industrial

Derrick Muir, Operations Supervisor, Building Services at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital thinks so highly of Tapmaster® hands-free faucet activators (also known as controllers), he’s recommending them to other hospitals.

“It’s an awesome, back-to-basics product,” he says, adding, with a smile, that he believes the installed activators will last another 10 years, until he retires. “I don’t think about them once they’re in.”

Muir was there when the first unit was installed as a trial in the Mt Sinai Emergency Room in 2013. Since that time, “that original Emergency Room activator has been used at least every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” he says.

And since then, Mt Sinai has installed approximately 900 Tapmaster® hands-free faucet activators and flat-specified the brand for ongoing construction and renovations.

That will likely mean several hundred additional units, he says. The current Renew Sinai initiative is the largest and most ambitious redevelopment in Mt Sinai’s history. Many important facilities will be completely redesigned and rebuilt by the end of 2022. The work will include more than 140 distinct projects on 20 floors and about 300,000 square feet of hospital space. That’s the equivalent of five football fields!

During our recent Zoom call with Muir, we also asked him: “Would you say Mt Sinai medical staff believes Tapmaster® controllers slow the spread of infection?”

Muir’s response: “One hundred percent!”

Asked about sensor faucets (the competition), Muir says they’ve had to be replaced numerous times. Cleaners often damaged them, whereas Tapmaster® activators “show no wear and tear.”

Muir also likes that Tapmaster® activators require no electricity. They’ve “held strong through power outages” and Mt Sinai (a Jewish healthcare facility) does not use electricity on the Sabbath.

“I recommended Tapmaster® to two other facilities: Sunnybrook and Lakeridge in Oshawa,” Muir says, adding “It’s low maintenance, which is low cost. It has been installed in the public washrooms and on drinking fountains as well. It lasts longer. The new spaces throughout the Mt Sinai hospital system are all Tapmaster®. And no other manufacturer gives me service like Tapmaster®.”

Top 5 reasons to use hands-free faucets

November 26, 2020News, Home/Consumer

There are a whole host of reasons people decide they want to use hands-free faucets. At Tapmaster we are uniquely passionate about them since that is our business. But regardless of the hands-free system you decide on there are a number of common key benefits. Check out our short video on the top 5 reasons to install hands-free faucets in your home below or read the article. Remember to comment or send us a tweet at @TapMasterInc or follow us on Facebook.

1. Hygiene

The main reason we developed our product line was to meet the needs of dentists looking for a more hygienic way to operate their faucets while interacting with their patients. We were approached by a number dentists local to us looking for a good solution that integrated well with their practice, and since dentists are used to using their equipment via foot pedals it was a natural progression.

Numerous studies have shown that the faucet is one of – if not the top – places where cross-contamination occurs. Cross-contamination is simply the accidental transfer of bacteria of viruses from one surface to another.

This is not surprising as the faucet is one of the key touch points any time you handle food, go to the washroom or work with something dirty. With a traditional faucet you have to touch the handle to turn it on before you can wash your hands, and they you have to touch that same faucet handle after your hands have been washed.

Hands-free faucets of any variety make it easier to avoid that added point of contamination, though it is possible to minimize the risk without.

2. Convenience

After we started using our hands free faucets we started to realize how convenient they are to use. Remember, we originally designed our faucets controllers to meet the hygiene needs of dentists and doctors – we didn’t really think of them as a convenience item. But, in testing we installed them on our own home faucets and after a little while we realized we had begun to rely on them.

There are a lot of things that we take for granted with any hands-free faucet solution now that we’ve been using them in one variety or another for almost 28 years.

  • It is so much easier to rinse dishes and produce when you have both hands free.
  • We rarely have to clean our faucet handle to keep it looking clean

3. Water savings

This is a hotly debated topic in the industry. Hands-free faucet control systems can be used to help reduce water waste. However, unlike low-flow fixtures the amount of water saved depends greatly on use patterns and the underlying technology associated with the hands-free system.

At Tapmaster we like to group hands-free systems into two broad categories when it comes to water savings, Positive control and Passive control:

  • Positive control is our term for hands free systems that put the user in direct control over the water flow. These are systems like the Delta Touch2.0 and our own Tapmaster line of products. They rely on direct user input to activate the water flow and immediately stop when the user tells them to stop.
  • Passive control is our term for faucet controllers that are not directly controlled by the user. Some examples are sensor based systems, Delta Voice faucets and metered water systems. Sensor faucets are activated by either ultrasonic or infrared detection of the user’s hands. There is inherent noise in those signals so they have a minimum run-time to prevent rapid cycling of the valve. Some models are better at reacting quickly to a water-off condition without problems but none have managed to overcome the issue entirely.

4. Fun factor

If you are anything like us, it is fun to use gadgets. Those gadgets are even more fun when they serve a useful and practical purpose. Hands-free faucets really are fun to play with, when people come over to my house they inevitably make a comment on how neat the faucet controllers are. Particularly since they are so intuitive to use. I still get enjoy when people see me use the faucet and can’t immediately figure out how I did it. You can almost see them wanting to ask, but holding back because they aren’t sure if they missed something.

5. Fixes a leaky faucet

This one is mainly true for retrofit systems like Tapmaster. If you know you want hands-free control, a retrofit system like Tapmaster can solve that pesky drip without having to replace the faucet or cartridge first. This may not be a big cost savings, but I’ve never complained when a product I purchase solves two problems instead of one!

Let us know why you think you need hands-free faucet controls in your home or business. We love engaging with our customers and coming up with unique solutions to bring hands-free faucets to the masses!

Jenny from New Mexico says:

November 17, 2020Home/Consumer

We ordered our original 1750 in the spring of 2001 on our kitchen sink as part of a major kitchen remodel. I had read about it on the GardenWeb website (which may now be Houzz). Those who had Tapmaster raved about it, and it was one of the two “splurges” that I made that I LOVE almost 20 years later. We have more fun messing with children who come to our house about our “magic” faucet. The fact that we can have chicken juices on our hands and can turn on the water (and now we can be even more safe about touching surfaces during this time of COVID19) without touching the faucet is such a benefit.

We decided NOT to order the pilot valve kit, and just to replace the whole thing. We plan on only being in this house for three more years, but it will be our gift to the next owners. AND we are planning on building a new house, and it goes without saying that we will put in a new Tapmaster. We love the 1750 for the fact that the kickplate really doesn’t show. We may finally upgrade to putting additional ones in the new house’s bathrooms, because we all love it so much.

Thank you,

Jenny from New Mexico

Susan from Alberta says:

November 17, 2020Home/Consumer

We have had the extreme pleasure of being Tapmaster customers for over 15 years. We started with installing the Tapmaster in our Calgary home kitchen and bathroom, then 4 years ago also installed them in our two bathrooms and kitchen when renovating our Palm Springs CA home. We cannot imagine using our taps without a Tapmaster installed. So much so that in adding a simple powder room/ 1/2 bath to our home in Calgary it was a no brainer that we would also be installing another Tapmaster. This system is easy to install and even easier to use, not to mention during these times of constant hand washing and concern for bacterial transmission – what a perfect way to lessen the transmission with less touching. We want to thank you for your forward thinking and continued innovative design of the Tapmaster – you are truly “Ahead of the Curve” on this!! Susan – See on our Facebook page